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With the Easter holidays at the door, Friends of K-Cellars will be enjoying a well-deserved break from your busy schedules.

A glass of good wine in hand, some good companion around, how enjoyable life is! 

Some suggestions on your choice:

  • A glass of champagne is always the best for a leisurely afternoon chatting with friends
  • For people tempted by the Oyster promotions, Chablis, Sancere, Pouilly Fume will be ideal
  • A less strong Burgundy red/white can complement your Chinese dishes with its pure Pinot Noir/Chardonnay mellowness
  • Moscato or Sauternes for ladies who love their holiday High Tea gathering
  • Rhone Valley Hermitage, Bordeaux and Burgundy Grand Cru for our wine lovers going for the juicy steaks

Apart from going to your favourite restaurants/bars, please remember that Friends of K-Cellars can always enjoy your own collection at our Tasting Room too!

Thank you for reading :)