Another Year of Happy Drinking

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A piece of news on the TV has recently claimed that many wine producers tried to understate their alcoholic content by 1% to 2%.  One of the reasons is to make drinkers feel comfortable to drink more!

Perhaps, it is not our wine lovers’ main concern whether the above is authentic.  Sensible and responsible drinking are always good to observe, let the wine be light-bodied or powerful!

Meanwhile, our readers may be interested to note a few points about the alcohol in our wines.

  • Alcohol in the wine is chiefly resulted from the fermentation process
  • According to International regulations, the minimum alcoholic strength of a wine should not be lower than 7%
  • The sugar content in the wine mainly determines the alcoholic content, leading to a range between 8% to 16%
  • Different vintage of the same wine may vary in alcoholic, due to climatic and sometimes winemaker’s influence
  • Enjoyment of the wine is not necessarily related to alcoholic content, e.g. champagne normally consists of 12.5% but we all feel excited when drinking it

No matter how you feel about the alcoholic strength of the wine, we wish you Happy Drinking in the New Year 2016.  Cheers!

Thank you for reading :)