Understanding Bourgogne Part I

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Dear Friends of K-Cellars

Some of our friends have been talking about Burgundy (Bourgogne) recently, and have indicated interests to explore this region and its wines.

Let us then try to take a couple of months to look at Burgundy together.

Some Basic Facts

  • 30,000 ha of vineyards (less than 5% of French total)
  • 180 million bottles annual sales (3% of all French wine production)
  • Main grapes: chardonnay(48%), Pinot Noir(34%), Gamay(10%)
  • White Wines consist of 61%, red wines 29%, and sparkling wines 10%
  • 4 Classifications: Regional, Village, Premier Cru, Grand Cru
  • AOC:  Grand Cru 1%, Premier Cru+Village 48%, Regional 51%

The area of Burgundy can generally be divided into the following 5 sub-regions

  • Chablis
  • Cote d’Or (Cote de Nuits+Cote de Beaune)
  • Cote de Chalonnaise
  • Maconnais
  • Beaujolais

We will continue to talk about these sub-regions and their wines in September.

Thank you for reading :)