Understanding Burgundy – Summary

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This month, let us summarize a few key points about Burgundy.  Bearing these in mind, Friends of K-Cellars will always find themselves enjoying the wines over and over again.

Single Grape

  • 100% Pinot Noir or Chardonnay
  • Gives clear and readily recognizable taste to the wine
  • Pinot Noir particularly matches well many Asian cuisine

Stable Classification

  • The 4-Level classifications of Burgundy wines allow wine lovers convenient choices
  • Grand Cru 1%
  • Premier Cru 10%
  • Village 37%
  • Regional 52%

Respect Towards Terroirs

  • Due respect is always given to the various aspects of the wine making including
  • The Soil
  • The Vine
  • The Grape
  • The Weather/Climate
  • The Process

Strong Adherence to Time-Proven Tradition

  • Despite the pressure from increasing costs, many Domaines still keep the wine-making tradition of the original founders
  • Many of them in fact are still run by the families

Flexibility of Young Consumption and Ageing

  • It is interesting to find many of the Burgundy wines, including Premier Crus, can be beautifully consumed at a young age
  • Meanwhile, you can also keep many of the great Domaines in reliable cellar ( Sure as K Cellars) for long period of ageing

Future Challenges of Burgundy

  • Being vulnerable to adverse climate conditions, affecting the production
  • The intervention of big investing institutions can sometimes unduly influence the wine-making development
  • Therefore, we should treasure the wines as they are today

Thank you for reading :)